Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shaving Cream round 2

When I did this post about playing with shaving cream, Lucy was taking a nap.  So I decided that she needed to have her turn too.

Hmmmm, not too sure about this Mama.....

Oh wait, is this what you do?

Oh ok ok, I get it!

Mama, why aren't you playing in the shaving cream?  Here, I'll put some on your feet!

Obviously big brother knows how to have fun with shaving cream!

Here Mama, you needed more than just your feet covered in shaving cream!

I love playing with shaving cream!!!

You should try it too!


Sally said...

Looks like Lucy is a real fast learner when it comes to the fun stuff! And what a fun time, indeed! :-)

Nikole said...

Jenny, it looks like you are having a great summer too! AND having soooooo much fun in your new home. It looks like it took no time at all making it feel like home and finding plenty of things to do!

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