Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summertime Fun

Remember this list?

Slowly but surely we are checking activities off the list.  It's going slower than I thought though...but anyways....today Hannah  (remember, Brady and Hannah have been friends since 2006, they live in DC so we see them often!!!) was here and we decided to break out the shaving cream.  I'm pretty sure they had fun....let the pictures speak for themselves.

 Rinse off in the swimming pool....
 And then back for more!

While the big little's played, the little little's napped. Look at Baby Jack, Hannah's little brother, six weeks old and precious as can be. 

I think you might see pictures of this type of activity again, I have a feeling Lucy would be jealous if she knew she missed out on this.   Until next time friends......


Erin said...

Oh, that does look like fun. Glad to see them together again. Hope you all had fun.

Lori said...

Thinking to myself ... yes Jenny would be the one to allow this as just some fun thing to do ... I'm now questioning where Jenny came from ... is she really MY daughter? LOL

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