Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beethoven and Baseball

I'm a huge Peanuts fan, my Dad got me into the comics when I was a little one. I was searching for one in particular today online and came across these two. Of course being a musician myself and Mike being an athlete, baseball being his favorite, I was chuckling at these two strips wondering what Mike would think if Brady said this to him someday down the road. If you need to, click on the actual strip and it will make it a little bit bigger.

No shame

Some of you have been asking me where Brady went to the bathroom while on the train ride. Well that is a good question. The train we rode on was built in 1930 so there are no restrooms on board. Well we (he) had no shame. I took his small travel potty (the one we keep in the car) and he told me he had to go about 20 mins. into our ride so out came the potty! And below is a picture of the event, of course it had to be documented.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

First time ever I saw your face

Ok, well the second time ever I saw your face. Here is Baby Lucy May at 21 weeks. She is healthy and growing at a normal rate! And yes, it was confirmed that she is in fact a girl. At the 13 week ultrasound our tech was 95% sure but sometimes it's still too early to tell. We're good to go though for pink and purple :)


My Mom, Dad and Mike have been working EXTREMELY hard at our new house. The entire house used to be yellow. Now everyone knows I LOVE yellow but I didn't want the whole house yellow so we had to make some changes. Below are some pics of some of the changes thus far.

Mike painting the foyer from the upstairs loft area.

Brady even helped us a bit!

My Dad working in the family room.

A view from the kitchen into the family room. The majority of the house is that sandy color, and three walls are green, one in the family room and two in the kitchen.

Who gave that kid a paint brush?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just a silly video clip

There are a few words that, for some reason, really make Brady laugh. So he likes to remind you what they are. He'll say this: "Hey MaMa! CAPE COD" "Hey Mama! DIESEL" "Hey Mama! Kielbasa" "Hey Mama! Zeus" Well today "Choo Choo train" was making him laugh that awesome belly laugh and here it is on film while riding the train.

A special outing with Brady

This weekend we have a lot going on, my parents are here to help with our new house. My Mom, Dad and Mike have been busy painting and cleaning. I am forever grateful to them for all the work they are doing. Brady and I are not much help though at the house so today we went on a special outing to Lebanon, OH to ride the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad. Oh did he love it. It was a 90 min. trip through the beautiful Ohio countryside. I'm kind of grumpy b/c unknowingly I had my camera on some bizarre setting so my pictures are very blurry (until I realized that it was on the wrong setting towards the end of the trip). I had so much fun doing such a special activity with my little love.

Standing in front of the diesel engine right before the engineer invited us to come tour the engine!

This picture is a bit blurry but it certainly sums up our trip. This was his expression for most of our trip.

Eating blueberries on the trip back towards the station. We spent most of our ride sitting (and standing) on the open air gondola car.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love you I love you

A Brady original plus a hard to understand rendition of his favorite song called "Alle Gallo Gallo"

For my little sister

Enjoy this little video Laura. I hope it makes you smile. He misses you.

Oh the things little ones come up with.....

So Brady is really into asking about body parts. Not the usual ones (eyes, ears, nose), he's way past that, he wants to know about the hip, the knee, the elbow, the wrist and just like any curious child, the boy and girl parts. Well he's been asking about his chest a lot and the little dots on them. I told him those were called nipples. So ok, he's fine with that. But he calls them "nickles" instead. So I thought that was cute but today he took it to a new level. He had his shirt off and says to me "Mama, should I put my nickles in the bank?" while pointing to his nipples. Well needless to say there was a lot of laughing done by me and I hope that perhaps it made you laugh too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can it be summer all year long?

Wouldn't that be great? I imagine some people disagree. We've just been having so much fun enjoying the parks here in Dayton and our huge backyard, that we will soon part with for a much smaller backyard. :( Anyways here are some pictures from some recent trips to various parks;

My Mom makes her first appearance on this blog,
watering flowers with Brady at Wergerzyn Gardens

Doesn't this make you think of The Secret Garden?
This is at Wergerzyn Gardens as well. I'd like to
find a professional photographer to photograph Brady here. Know anyone?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Inspiration...oh I wish...

So this weekend we are painting our new house and I have the colors picked out for Brady's room and Baby Lucy's room but I'm still looking for some more inspiration. This is what I'm wishing we could do for Brady's bed when he's ready (he is still in his crib). Isn't this amazing? And so much fun? Mike says he could build this bed and I don't doubt it (considering all the beautiful furniture he has crafted for us already) but when will we find the time for another project?? We do already have the slide that is behind the catepillar. How much fun would it be to climb into bed up a ladder and get out of bed down a slide? I wonder how much sleeping would actually get done? These pictures are courtesy of Extreme Makover: Home Edition, they designed this room for a 3 year old boy.

Did you know we bought a new house?

So some of you may or may not know that we bought a new home here in Dayton. We close on August 11th and are super excited! Unfortunately we still need to sell our current home. Know anyone that would like to buy a cozy little house in Bellbrook, OH? Anyways, this weekend we will start painting the new house! Can't wait to see our colors on the walls!
The picture above is of our new house (the first day we were able to get in to it, it had been vacant for months, hence the weeds, yucky yard, etc. it looks much better now)

Checking us out

Well so many of my friends have blogs and there are so many blogs out there that I love to read and admire that I thought I would start one too. As you know, we also have a website zollarsfamily.com but I do not know how to edit it (yet, I've been trying to learn) so it all falls on Mike's shoulders. We have a lot going on right now so until things slow down (silly, life with kids never slows down, does it), I will attempt to update this with pics and anecdotes of our little life. Thanks for checking us out.

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