Monday, March 11, 2013

Playing tourist

With the Nation's Captial practically in our backyard we try to take a trip in every now and again.  It's been awhile though, since June actually, so with our move to Los Angeles waiting in the wings, it was time for another visit.

Kite flying weather.  All 3 kites in the air.

Do you see Mike's kite up there?

Her happy place

This makes me laugh....

MLB, 1,2,3

Playing in the dirt

No outing is complete without a game of "POP"

Thanks for the sunshine, DC.  We enjoyed every moment.

Friday, March 1, 2013

She sure is creative.

If we are friends on Facebook or you've seen a few blog posts here, you know that Macy loves to draw. On her face. And her stomach. And her hands. Basically anywhere that's not paper. She also loves to draw on white chairs with orange permanent marker. But that's a whole different story....

Anyways, Lucy asked to paint with watercolors so I set her up and set Macy a space too because I knew she would want to participate as well. I stood at the kitchen sink doing the dishes, with my back to them. Then Lucy says "Mom, look at May"

So like any good mother would do, I grabbed my camera and this is what I shot.


Despite the way you chose to display your creativity, Macy, you are a delight. 
My delight. Don't ever change.  xo

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