Saturday, February 26, 2011


is this thing on.....


*chirping crickets*

yeah, it's been awhile.......

one picture to hold this blog over until I get my act together......

oh how they love each other.  makes my heart melt.

until next time.....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's your story: The Pittsburgh Steelers

Terrible Towels and the Pittsburgh Polka.  Here We Go.  Black and gold decorations.  Rituals and elevated blood pressures.  All of these things for a football team; a football team from the greatest city on earth (which of course is just an opinion but an opinion I share with a few million people I think)

Pittsburgh fans take their football seriously. Everyone has a story, a superstition, a ritual for their favorite team.

And we have a little Steelers story of our own that we like to think is pretty special.

You see, in 1979, the year I was born, the Steelers won the Super Bowl.
It happened again in 1980, the year Mike was born.

And then there was a bit of a Super Bowl drought in Pittsburgh...but fast forward to 2006, the year Brady was born and the Steelers won the Super Bowl.

Fast forward two more years, and the 2008-2009 Steelers won the Super Bowl, the year our little Lucy was born.

And here we are today.  A few days away from the Super Bowl in which our beloved Steelers will play The Green Bay Packers.  We have another new baby in our house and she, my friends, is hopefully the last piece of the puzzle.  Another McCarthy/Zollars baby born and hopefully another Super Bowl Victory. 

She'll wear the same outfit that has only been worn two other times, once by Brady on Super Bowl Sunday in 2006 and the second time by Lucy on Super Bowl Sunday 2009.  She'll have the obligatory picture taken covered up in her Dada's Terrible Towel, again, just like her older brother and sister.

Brady, just 10 days old

The outfit and Terrible Towel await our little Macy.

It's your turn, May-May, to have a Super Bowl Victory.  It's all on you.

No pressure.

Stay tuned....and in the meantime, do you have a Steelers story you'd like to share?  What's your Steelers ritual?

Dear Pittsburgh Steelers, Macy and I would be happy to fly to Dallas to be your good luck charm.  We just need some tickets. 


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