Friday, August 26, 2011

the destination

is always the same.

but the fascination remains.

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a day in the country

How about this weather? Oh it is so lovely. We took full advantage and headed out to Woodbine, MD to spend the day doing this:

This is Days End Horse Farm.  Days End Farm was established in 1989 to ensure quality care and treatment of horses through intervention, education, and outreach.  Basically they rescue horses that are being neglected, abused, etc. and rehabilitate them.  What a wonderful mission and we were so fortunate to tour the farm.
Aren't they beautiful?  We saw some before pictures of many of these horses and the transformation was remarkable.

I took this picture while the earthquake happened!  Yeah, you can't tell.  But this is what we were doing when the "earthquake" happened!
We drove just down the road 2 miles to a favorite spot of ours, Larriland Farm.
 where we picked these beauties.

And then moved over to the Gala Apples

Lucy and Mike found a birds nest in one of the apple trees.  Naturally I said we had to save it to put in our Christmas tree, it brings good luck, or so they say...right, Mom?

"A bird nest is a symbol of the home. It reminds us that we strive to make our home a place where family members grow and prosper. Considered a good luck symbol, the bird nest represents all the love and warmth, enthusiasm and commitment required in creating the happiest of homes" 

Now you know ;)

 I hope they will always have a memory of relaxing in an apple orchard.

 Childhood memories at their very best.

We've had a lot of great memories picking our own fruit.  You can see them here and here and here

If you've never gone to pick a U-Pick farm, I highly recommend it.  You'll love it, I promise.  Check out this site for a location near you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hanging on to summer

We're hanging on to every little bit of summer that we can.  How about you?

Grandma and Grandpa were in for a day and a half, visiting us from Ohio.  Mike took advantage of a beautiful Saturday late afternoon to take his Dad sailing

Summer evenings at our favorite restaurant on Kent Island brought us laughter and memories to last

It was so muggy, my camera lense was fogged over and I wasn't aware until after I took this picture!

 Yes, we're hanging on to summer. Days like this are just to wonderful to let go of.

Please, summer, just hang around a little bit longer.


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