Monday, November 12, 2012

Open House

Today we had the opportunity to go an Open House at Brady's school. I am lucky to volunteer in his class every Thursday so I already have a good idea of what goes on while he is at school but it was nice to have another chance to visit.

During Calendar time, they do this hilarious dance and sing the months of the year. I wasn't fast enough with my camera to capture the whole thing but this is the class singing the months of the year in their "British" voices while doing the moves to the macarena. They sing it 4 times, once in a normal voice, once in a country voice, once in the British voice and they other time I wasn't sure what voice they were using! Cute!!

They also did a Thanksgiving play for the parents that were able to come this morning.  Brady was an Indian Man.  It's a few minutes long and it's kind of hard to hear Mrs. Pinell narrate but you get the idea!!


Our good friend, Katie.
One of our best neighbor buddies, Aiden.
After the play they listened to a story and talked about the plot, the characters, the setting, the problem and the solution.  They also did some work with the smartboard and their whiteboards and listening to sounds with the short U sound.  I liked how Mrs. Pinell worked the whiteboard into the lesson.  They would write down the sound that they heard and then she would say "3-2-1- showdown" and they would all show their whiteboards with the answer on it. 

After that they broke into their small groups and did center work.  I was able to stay and sit with Brady at his listening center.  He was listening to a story called Pumpkin Town.  Great morning in his class.  I can see why he loves school so much. 

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