Thursday, December 6, 2012

Celebrating Lucy

In the midst of Christmas trees and cards, twinkling lights and holiday madness, Lucy turned 4. What a fun time of year to have a birthday!!

We spread the celebrations out over a few days.  On Saturday night our neighbors were over for our monthly get together and we had Birthday cake for dessert.  Mike and I tag teamed this cake with a little help from some edible images from a neat little etsy shop.  Lucy insisted on 4 princesses on her cake so this is the finished product.  Yes, we had some issues as you can see that had to be covered up with icing!  Lucy didn't seem to mind though, she thought it was the very best cake.

Have I mentioned before how much we love our neighbors?  You might notice, however, that all of the neighbor kids are.....

BOYS!!!!!!  Lots and lots of BOYS!!!  Let's just say Happy Birthday was a little bit....


The day before her birthday was slated to be a sunny, warm (for December, think 70 degrees) day.  We thought since the weather was going to be extra nice we should give Lucy her present from Mema.  A new bike!!  Lucy's requirements for this new, bigger bike were: pink and a place for her baby doll to ride.
Mema came through with a pink bike with a perfect front seat for her "Baby Jack".

Going from a 12 inch bike with no training wheels to a 16 inch bike with no training wheels didn't seem to phase her.  She was able to ride it from the start with no assistance.

Later that day we met Mike for an early Birthday lunch at The Naval Academy.  We did this when she turned 2 and 3 so we kept the tradition going for 4.

Oh I am so glad they have each other!!!!

The morning of her birthday (and all of our little ones birthday's) they get a special "Birthday Donut".  I added a few extra touches to make it a breakfast party.

Sid, our elf, even came through with a balloon.  That elf has got it together!

She opened a gift from Grandma and Grandpa, a new LeapPad 2!!

After we got Brady to school we went to Ultimate Playzone at her request.  She's sporting an adorable shirt that was a gift from our favorite Annapolis friends, The Farley's.

After lots of time outside (another warm, beautiful day).  We had make your own pizza night for her birthday dinner, her request, but always a family favorite.

 And to top of what was already a great day, we made our Graham Crackers Gingerbread houses! 

 I'd say this 4 year old was very happy with the birthday events.  Mike has promised her a trip to Great Wolf Lodge for her birthday but we have to wait 'til January.  There is just too much fun in the month of December!  We'll spread out the fun into the long winter months.

Happy Birthday to our Lulu Lemon. 

We will love you forever.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


December 5th, 2008 at 2:30pm, 2:30 exactly,  Lucy May arrived in our arms. 
Four years later, a bit bigger, a bit more hair (not much more but a bit more) and loved to infinity and beyond, here she is at 2:30pm.  2:30 exactly.


Little sister sneaks in.....

 And then one with our favorite buddy and neighbor, Aidan, who she was playing with at 2:30p.

And then just like that, enough pictures Mama, we're off!


The minute we met you.

The minute we had a daughter.

The minute that changed us for good.

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