Tuesday, November 11, 2014

That time of year again

When Disneyland turns merry and it snows in Southern California.  Disney magic at it's finest. 

We were treated to a few Christmas songs from Trisha Yearwood!  They were filming for  "Disney Parks Frozen Christmas Celebration" to air on Christmas morning.  
 And then of course, there's Woody.  No trip to Disney in complete without some time with Woody.  Lucy loves him so much and I will indulge her in this for as long as she likes.  It never, ever gets old.

The parade!  Christmas style!

And of course, the fireworks, oh the fireworks.  Disney always gets this right.

And of course the snow, only at Disney could it "snow". 

Thanks, Disney.  Your magic continues to mesmerize all of us. 
We'll be back soon.  Until next time. 

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