Thursday, September 29, 2011

On the night you were born

On Macy's 1st birthday eve I realized that I never wrote down her birth story.  So I'm writing it down here so she will always remember and I will never forget....

Sweet,sweet Macy, I want you to hear the story of the day you were born.

September 24th was the day we had circled on the calendar for your arrival.  Unfortunately for Mama you decided that you were going to wait a little bit longer to make an appearance.  We went to the doctor that day and happily agreed that if you had not arrived by September 30th that we would help you along with you an induction.  Six days came and went and on an extremely rainy Thursday morning, Dada and I got in the car and headed to Anne Arundel Medical Center.  Mema and Pop Pop had arrived on Wednesday to stay with Brady and Lucy.    Lucy decided to make things a bit more challenging for Mema and she woke up right before we left at 4:30am. 

Here "we" are on September 29th.
We picked September 30th for two reasons.  One, it was a Thursday and Dada didn't have to teach on Thursday making it easier for his work schedule.  And two, our favorite doctor, Dr. Haddock was the doc on call for the day.  He was a retired Army doctor, wore Sperry topsiders with his scrubs and was the most laid back doctor we ever met. 

Your story is rather short and sweet, peaceful and laid back.  Just like your personality.  They started pitocin once we were checked in and by 12noon I was maxed out on pitocin and nothing had happened.  I was not in pain, I was comfortable and rested.  Dr. Haddock, bless his heart, knowing that I wanted an epidural, broke my water and had the anethesiologist waiting outside the door.  The epidural was started within minutes of breaking my water.  I never felt a contraction.  Not a one.  For the next 5 hours Dada and I slept, watched TV (my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, was on for two straight hours in the middle of the day, I was so happy) and Dada graded Statics exams.  Outside, Annapolis was being slammed with an incredible rain storm. Roads were closed, water was above the seawall in downtown Annapolis and poor Mema and Pop were stuck inside with your brother and sister. 

A little after 5pm it was time.  Time for you to arrive.  Two very easy pushes later at 5:23pm you were here.  And you were beautiful.  And my heart was full.

You were a big baby, 8lbs 15 oz or 9lbs 4 oz, we aren't really exactly sure.  You were weighed twice on two different scales with two different results.  So let's just say 9lbs and 20 3/4 inches long. 

One thing to note in this picture, I very much on purpose put that pillowcase on my pillow I brought from home.  That pillowcase was on my pillow when both Brady and Lucy were born.

The story gets complicated here only because we didn't know what to name you.  So for the next 15 hours, you were just Baby.  I was letting Dada make the final decision.  I even have a picture of Dada looking over the list of names we were considering.  The short list had 7 names on it.

Why did we chose Macy?  Well, most of all, we never knew of or heard of anyone having a Macy.  Two, it just fit our family...Brady with a "y", Lucy with a "y" and now you, Macy with "y".  Your middle name, Kathleen, was chosen in memory of my Aunt Kathleen, one of Pop Pop's older sister's, a women with a big heart and big personality who was full of life and laughter.  She passed away in 2003 after a long and courageous battle with breast cancer.  I called Aunt Laura on Friday morning (to clarify, my sister Laura, since yes, Dada has a sister Laura too) and said "I think we are going to name the baby Macy, do you like that?"  And she did.  So Macy Kathleen, you were introduced to the world via Facebook of course, which is something that may or may not be around when you are older.  We posted your picture and your name.  Well wishes poured in from all over the world.   You were here and you were loved.

Dada went home on Friday morning to pick up Brady and Lucy to come meet you.  Mema and Pop soon followed. You fit into the family like you had always been there. 

After a quiet Friday day and night at the hospital, mostly just you and me, (Dada went home to help with brother and sister) we were released on Saturday late morning to go home.

The love we have for you is immeasurable.  You make us whole. You are adored by so many, Brady and Lucy especially.  Our Three Musketeers.  God has blessed us with a true gift in you, Macy K.

And of course, this is just the start of your story, my love.  The world awaits you.  There are many more chapters to your story, a story that starts with the night you were born.  The night that you completed my life. The night that I will always remember and now you, will never forget.

Never underestimate

the playing potential of a box.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bye bye baby seat

 Hello big girl seat!
 Doesn't she look thrilled?
Macy is probably upset with me because I kept telling her that she was going to get a pretty new Graco Nautilus car seat.  Well the UPS man brought it yesterday, Lucy saw that it was pink and she decided that she actually wanted the new seat after telling me over and over again that she wanted to keep her old seat.  But you know, the new one is pink so that makes it very desirable! 
Lots of excitement for our sweet Macy this week!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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