Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brady's Kindergarten Class

After Hurricane Irene blew through Annapolis, school activities have been delayed, rescheduled, cancelled, etc.  But today we finally were able to go to Kindergarten Orientation!  Brady seemed excited, my stomach was in knots! 
Before we went in we played on the playground which is right outside his classroom door.  Added bonus.

 We were greeted though with a warm, colorful environment and two loving teachers though who you just know were called to be Kindergarten teachers.
 Here is his cubby full of all the supplies we had to bring in!  And the cute little nap mat!  He is holding his school bag that the school provides.  We will be decorating it this weekend!

 The children did a craft, took a tour of the classroom and looked at all their school supplies with the assistant teacher while the parents had a meeting with the teacher.
 This is Brady's good friend, E, who lives around the corner from us.  We are blessed that they were assigned the same class.
 Here are his teachers, L-R, Mrs. Sutherland (assitant) and Mrs. Weadon.  There are 10 other children that Brady will meet on Tuesday, the first day of school!
The funny thing about the first day of school...this is a Catholic School so they wear uniforms.  On the days that they have gym class though, they wear their gym uniform all day.  The gym uniform consists of a grey tshirt and navy blue gym shorts.  Well, wouldn't you know, Brady has gym on Tuesday's.  Which is the 1st day of school!  So I'll be taking those first day of school pics of my little Kindergartener dressed in oversized gym clothes!  Oh well!! 

I have a feeling that this is going to be a memorable, wonderful year for our little guy.


Erin said...

What a great day! It looks like he really got along with the other kids and teachers. He will really have a wonderful time and learn so much. As for those first day pictures, I think I would wait until Wednesday :)

kelly said...

Jen- This is so sweet! It's funny to see it from the other side...I just got back from my own "Meet Your Teacher Day" and was telling Brian all about my kiddos =)

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