Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baby Doll Ballet

This morning our little Lucy started her very first "activity". Poor middle child, she has never done an activity (besides the occasional story time at the library). Brady at this age (2 1/2) had already been to tumbling class, art class and music class! So it was time. Finally.

It started off a bit rocky.   She didn't want to participate in circle time.

 And then there was some unlady like behavior.

Followed by some banging and screaming on the door.  So then Mama had to come in.  At which point she sat on a chair and pouted for about 15 minutes.

But then, the teacher said the magic words


And then she was hooked.

 A name and skipping game followed.

 And then a song about animals that involved hopping and flying and what not.

 And that was it.  Thank goodness for ring around the rosey.  It saved the day.
The end.


Lori said...

Too Sweet my Lucy May!

Lori said...

Lucy May will always be my baby doll ... she'll do better next week! :-)

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