Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some things never change

Grace is here and it's like she never left. Our best buddies have reunited. One likes trains...one likes princesses but it doesn't seem to matter. What matters is that they are together for a few days, days that will be full of silliness and laughter. Days where princesses will ride in trains or blast off in a space ship to the moon. And that's how it should be.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday: The Disney Edition

Since we are leaving for Disney World in 8 days, I thought I would flahsback to Brady's first visit (at 15 months) to "the happiest place on earth"
Meeting Minnie Mouse at a character dinner
The Zollars waiting for the parade.


Every character we met, Brady wanted to eat their nose!

Brady with Grandma and Grandpa Zollars

Tigger,Eeyore, Pooh Bear, Brady, me and Madison

Enjoying a water play area at Epcot!

All the cousins (at the time) L-R Kaleigh, Madison, Julia, Brady

Lighting McQueen!
Mike, B and Goofy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Well if you haven't heard, Mike is deploying. The Air Force has changed things about 101 times since we first learned of the deployment, things that frustrate me and make me sad but it is what it is and we will make the best of it. The details that we know are: he's leaving May 31st, he will be in Kuwait most of the time. He will be home in mid-December, perhaps around December 11th. Originally the deployment was a 4 month deployment, now it is 6 months.

2. Because of this unexpected change in the deployment length (we found out yesterday), we are now frantically planning a trip to Disney World.

3. Sarah and Grace (and David too!) are coming on Monday and I am just beside myself with excitement. And so is Brady. Here is a picture for you, Sarah.

4. Speaking of Brady, today he was eating purple grapes and kalamata olives,which are a blackish color if you didn't know (yes my child LOVES olives of any type, kalamata are his favorite). Anyways, unknowingly, to me that is, he put some of the olives in the grape bowl. You might see where this is going....a few hours later I decided to eat some grapes and well, I got a mouthful of grapes and kalamata olives. Yes, it was an interesting combination.

5. Another Brady note and kind of an embarrassing Mama moment but I'll share, I was engrossed in this blog. Apparently I was really into reading it a little more than I should have been because Brady walks in the family room and says to me "Mama I made myself a sandwich". And sure enough, he made himself a turkey sandwich. All.By.Himself. Here is a pic I snapped of him eating it. No pants of course.

6. Our little Lucy is rolling and rolling, since Easter weekend. And she is such a good sleeper. I never formally announced that yes, she slept through the night. 3 nights in a row. The first night she did it was Monday, April 13th. This week she's been sleeping from 8pm 'til 4:30a, waking up to eat and going back to sleep...til almost 10am. It's amazing. Clearly I know she won't keep that up but wow, right now it's great.

7. It's going to be in the 80's come Friday. HALLELUJAH!

8. Grey's Anatomy is new this week! And next week too when Sarah is here so we can enjoy it together!!!!

9. My sister is running the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 3rd. I'm so proud of her.

10. Look at what Mike did. IN ONE DAY! So glad to have this fence up to keep my little ones and our Coaly dog safe.

Happy Tuesday, Friends. Hope you are having a good week.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday

Have a great weekend, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twelve on Tuesday: The Easter Edition

I couldn't narrow it down to ten pictures, so I give you twelve on Tuesday: The Easter Edition, our wonderful weekend with our families. (in no particular order)

Mema, Pop and the little ones.

Mema and Lucy

Laura and Lucy

Grandpa and Lucy

Grandma and Lucy

My darling loves and I at church.

Mike and our sweet ones.

Lucy's pretty Easter outfit from Grandma Zollars

My handsome, sweet boy.

Coloring Easter eggs!

Pop and Lucy

Brady and Pop enjoying vanilla ice cream cones at Graeter's

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here Comes Lucy Cottontail

Our little Lulu with the Easter Bunny. Brady was just content waving to the bunny. And I was OK with that, no sense in having a repeat of the Santa episode.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter's on it's way!

Our little playgroup came over for an Easter party today. They were full of delight, as usual.

The table was set for fun (and pizza and chocolate and messes)!

Yeah, we were limited on where we could actually hide the eggs.

Aren't they cute?
Katie looking for eggs!

Brady in action!
EJ (who by the way is going to be a big brother on FRIDAY!)
And pretty Hannah!

What a great day!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

4 months old

Another month has gone by all too fast and today Lucy turns 4 months old.
At 4 months, you are the light of Dada's life.

You are adored by your brother (when he wants to adore you)
You have a squishy, cloth, darling little bum bum. And you are still chewing on your fingers just like you were the second time we met you at the 20 week ultrasound.
You, my girl, are treasured, cherished and loved more than you'll ever know.

Happy 4 months, baby girl.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

On this day in 2007

this happened.

Pictures of the day you decided you really could walk. April 4, 2007
Above: Chasing the geese at Possum Creek MetroPark
Below: Taken later that day at home. You were pushing your "popcorn popper" that Laura got you for Christmas all over the family room.

You, my sweet little Brady, started walking. Just a little over 14 months old, on this glorious April day in 2007.

This is still one of my favorite days in your 3 years because we also spent the day with Grace and Sarah, which at the time, was a very common thing, but something about this day, spent at a place called Possum Creek MetroPark, was magical. The weather was stunning, the birds were singing, the friends were the best. You and Grace were attached at the hip and Sarah and I are pretty sure you asked Grace to marry you.

That sweet little Gracie Girl of ours is coming to see us in a few short weeks and I can't wait to see her and Brady together again. It's been over a year but something tells me these two best friends will pick up right where they left off. Although Brady might have to learn to play with dolls and Grace might be forced to push trucks around in the dirt.

Today is another glorious April day here in Ohio. It's chilly but beautiful. Today also happens to be my friend, Katie's birthday. She is turning 29, again :) Happy Birthday Friend. Thinking of you and hoping the sun is shining in Happy Valley.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Somebody thinks she is a big girl

Her new favorite way to sit! By herself! With no help! For about 1 minute and then she falls over! Oh baby, just stop the growing, ok?

This might be a new favorite picture of mine.

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