Friday, June 24, 2011

they've come a long way!

And thankfully, every now and again, Macy let's Lucy hold her just like she used to. 

 October 2, 2010 - Macy's homecoming

And today.

I'm glad they have each other.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's been awhile.

geesh, i've been really awful at updating the blog. because of that, i have a lot of pictures to post and no rhyme or reason for this post. just more moments. moments not to forget. memories of my littles being...well...little. and moments of them with they ones that they love.

i said a lot of pictures. i meant it.....

A night in Annapolis


Strange lighting and I couldn't fix it when I went to edit it but who does she think she is, standing in her crib?? I'm not ready for that!!!
A visit from Mema and Pop

Love this one with Brady outside in the background!

Mema and Macy playing in the Bay.

I love this picture of my Mom and May.

Playing in the bay.

Kent Island

And the everyday.
This was his lunch one afternoon.  Blackberries, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries and cherries.  This boy is so healthy.  Where he gets it from, I have no idea.

She gives kisses if you ask her to.  We of course take advantage of this and ask her ALL.THE.TIME.  Sweet moments with Dada, tonight, down at the dock.

Brady loving the first day of summer.

Hope the summer solstice brought you happy memories with the ones you love.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the weekend so far

This morning we were out on a walk and we walked by a garage sale that was selling this fantastic bike trailer for just $20!  Brady had been wanting one of these and how lucky we were to find a gently used one!!

Life is good. 

Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm rewinding a bit.  We had so much going on the last few weeks that blogging took a backseat.  And these are memories I don't want to forget. 

Appropriately, as I type this, "You're Gonna Miss This" is playing through the speakers of my laptop. Days that yes, I am going to miss. Brady's preschool days have come and gone. Just like that. That phrase "they grow up so fast" is so cliche but nothing could be more true.

On Brady's, first, first day of school, 3 year old preschool at St. Brigid in Xenia, Ohio in September of 2009, he looked like this.....
oh gosh.  why am i doing this to myself.  i burst into tears for about 100 reasons when I saw this picture. he's so little...and that's our old house...that i LOVED so much...
And then this was the first day of 4 year old preschool here in Annapolis.  You may remember this.

But it turns out, as we knew it would, he loved school here.  So very much.  We all loved his school, his teacher, his friends.  And this was the scene on the last day of preschool, May 23, 2011.

Lots of smiles.

 And proud moments.
 And love from his sisters who, he doesn't realize, worship the ground he walks on.
It's strange to look at this picture because on his first day of preschool in the fall I was still pregnant with Macy and here she is, sitting up and tugging on his shirt.

 We quickly fell in love with his school.  A school I took a chance on, I registered him while we were living in Ohio, I had never seen it, based my decision on a few email conversations I had with the director.  I'm sure glad I took this chance.

Brady's first friend and best friend in his class, Peyton.
Several weeks ago I arrived at school  earlier than normal.  I had quite a bit of time to watch him (from a far) playing on the playground.  On this particular day he was playing in the sandbox, which was not unusual, but as I watched him I was hit with this wave of emotion about him growing up and moving on to Kindergarten.  I thought to myself, this is how I always want to remember you, Brady.  Playing in the sandbox.  Unaware of anything around you except the diggers and endless shovels.  Innocent and worry free.  Full of imagination, castles to build and holes to dig.  I did my best on this particular day to etch that moment into my memory. Oddly enough he didn't play much in the sandbox after that day....

Until the last day of school...when again, I arrived very early, and watched from afar....with my camera this time and it's like he knew what his crazy, emotional Mama wanted him to do, to dig in the sandbox, to be surrounded my diggers, and friends and shovels.

 That same night we celebrated the end of preschool with a performance that these sweet little kiddos worked so hard on.  I applaud their teachers for putting together this awesome show for the adoring, emotional, oh so proud parents.

 I love this picture.  I love these two.
 After the show, we went back to their classroom where certificates were handed out and goodbyes were said.

 Mrs. Wallace, an incredibly kind, patient, loving earth angel.
 And then there were hugs from proud parents.

Emotional me....
 And the fun, excited Dada.
 And sweet moments with his best friend Nora who we would like to thank for loving our Brady.  We love her oh so much. 

Brady's preschool year's have really shaped him and help build his self confidence.  His teachers and this experience taught him so much.  It was a time for him to shine away from me, away from his sisters.  To figure out who he is in this big, beautiful world.  And ultimately to prepare him for the next step, the step that Mama is really not ready for him to take but it's time.  Time to fly.

But until then, there is summer to be had.  Lightning bugs to catch and swings to swing on.  Friends to play with.

And sand to dig in.

Congrats, little man.  Big things await you.  We can't wait for you to take us along on the next journey.

Just take your time...

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