Saturday, April 4, 2009

On this day in 2007

this happened.

Pictures of the day you decided you really could walk. April 4, 2007
Above: Chasing the geese at Possum Creek MetroPark
Below: Taken later that day at home. You were pushing your "popcorn popper" that Laura got you for Christmas all over the family room.

You, my sweet little Brady, started walking. Just a little over 14 months old, on this glorious April day in 2007.

This is still one of my favorite days in your 3 years because we also spent the day with Grace and Sarah, which at the time, was a very common thing, but something about this day, spent at a place called Possum Creek MetroPark, was magical. The weather was stunning, the birds were singing, the friends were the best. You and Grace were attached at the hip and Sarah and I are pretty sure you asked Grace to marry you.

That sweet little Gracie Girl of ours is coming to see us in a few short weeks and I can't wait to see her and Brady together again. It's been over a year but something tells me these two best friends will pick up right where they left off. Although Brady might have to learn to play with dolls and Grace might be forced to push trucks around in the dirt.

Today is another glorious April day here in Ohio. It's chilly but beautiful. Today also happens to be my friend, Katie's birthday. She is turning 29, again :) Happy Birthday Friend. Thinking of you and hoping the sun is shining in Happy Valley.


Sarah said...

Dear Ms. Jenny "I can't wait to see you and Brady and Michael and Coaly and Baby Lucy. I want to do Toes on Nose with Michael. I want to give you a big hug when I see you. Thanks for the pictures, I like to see pictures of me when I was a baby! Can I hold Baby Lucy? Will she cry? I'm gonna bring my bathing suit that Granny gave me and go swimming!" Thanks Jenny, that was great to see with Grace on a lazy Saturday morning :) I remember that day like it was yesterday, it was so laid-back and peaceful and bittersweet at the same time because we knew our time was coming to an end :(
But we'll be there soon! I simply cannot wait!!! Love you guys...

Jenny said...

Dear Grace,
Michael will be so excited to do Toes on nose with you, he was trying to teach Lucy today! You can hold Lucy as much as you like while you are here and no, she probably won't cry, she'll love you.
Love you my Gracie Girl.

Katie Fonash said...

Hey! Thanks for the birthday shout out in your blog! You are doing a lot of fun things with your photos and arrangements. :)

Carrie said...

Love the photo borad of those two! What cuties! You should enter them into the friends contest this week over at I Heart Faces...

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