Tuesday, August 16, 2011

while we were gone

we played the days away....
 and ate a lot of ice cream
 and went to many fun Pittsburgh places, like the Carneige Science Center
 We rode our bikes/scooters/cars into the evening, in our PJ's

 and caught toads in the front yard.

 The toad took a bike ride

 and then Brady spent the next while taking care of it
 'til it was time to go inside.  There were tears when the toad had to go.
 Swimming with Mema and Pop might have been the highlight of the trip

 and special treats with me at my favorite hole in the wall restaurant, Tomato Pie Cafe, before a round of mini golf

where Lucy had a honest to goodness legitimate hole in one on this hole
 I did this for about 5 minutes while Macy slept
 and Brady and Lucy fought played in the sandbox. 
 My littles love going to Mema and Pop's house
 where we play
 and laugh
all day long.

Thank you for all your help Mom, Dad and Laura.  What would I do without you?



Lori said...

Just too sweet Jenny ... thanks for sharing all those memorable times! XXOO Mom aka Mema

Sarah said...

LOVE the pic of you in the hammock!! You little photographer you :)

The Siglar Bunch said...

This post is special. I love all of the day-to-day explorations - especially Brady's new buddie!!

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