Saturday, July 26, 2008

A special outing with Brady

This weekend we have a lot going on, my parents are here to help with our new house. My Mom, Dad and Mike have been busy painting and cleaning. I am forever grateful to them for all the work they are doing. Brady and I are not much help though at the house so today we went on a special outing to Lebanon, OH to ride the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad. Oh did he love it. It was a 90 min. trip through the beautiful Ohio countryside. I'm kind of grumpy b/c unknowingly I had my camera on some bizarre setting so my pictures are very blurry (until I realized that it was on the wrong setting towards the end of the trip). I had so much fun doing such a special activity with my little love.

Standing in front of the diesel engine right before the engineer invited us to come tour the engine!

This picture is a bit blurry but it certainly sums up our trip. This was his expression for most of our trip.

Eating blueberries on the trip back towards the station. We spent most of our ride sitting (and standing) on the open air gondola car.

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