Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh the things little ones come up with.....

So Brady is really into asking about body parts. Not the usual ones (eyes, ears, nose), he's way past that, he wants to know about the hip, the knee, the elbow, the wrist and just like any curious child, the boy and girl parts. Well he's been asking about his chest a lot and the little dots on them. I told him those were called nipples. So ok, he's fine with that. But he calls them "nickles" instead. So I thought that was cute but today he took it to a new level. He had his shirt off and says to me "Mama, should I put my nickles in the bank?" while pointing to his nipples. Well needless to say there was a lot of laughing done by me and I hope that perhaps it made you laugh too.

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Sarah said...

That needs to go down in a book!

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