Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can it be summer all year long?

Wouldn't that be great? I imagine some people disagree. We've just been having so much fun enjoying the parks here in Dayton and our huge backyard, that we will soon part with for a much smaller backyard. :( Anyways here are some pictures from some recent trips to various parks;

My Mom makes her first appearance on this blog,
watering flowers with Brady at Wergerzyn Gardens

Doesn't this make you think of The Secret Garden?
This is at Wergerzyn Gardens as well. I'd like to
find a professional photographer to photograph Brady here. Know anyone?


Sarah said...

Oh he looks so big!!! And at first glance, I thought, who's Jenny's friend watering the flowers with Brady? Your mom looks so young!!!

Jenny said...

My Mom will love to hear that :) I hope I look that young when I'm in my 50's too!

Carrie said...

If I am ever back in Dayton, I would love to take Brady's pictures!!! I miss Wergerzyn Gardens - they are so beautiful!

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