Monday, July 12, 2010

Cousins Round 2

Hello Monday!

We had a busy weekend filled with a birthday party, a block party and a visit from Mike's sister and her family.  We are fortunate to have them relatively nearby in Harrisburg, PA which is about a 90 min. drive.   Brady adores his older cousins Kaleigh and Julia, I mean really adores them.  And they are just so sweet to him.  K & J will be spending 5 days with us in August and he is already making big plans for their time with us. 

The weather has been sunny and hot for weeks here in Annapolis and of course on Saturday the rains came and they came hard.  So it wasn't the prettiest day to see Annapolis but we made the best of it.

We spent some time playing Wii

Enjoying each other's company out at local restaurant, The Boatyard.

And showing them a bit of Annapolis in between the raindrops!


I'm glad Brady and Lucy have spent time with all of their cousins this summer.  We've enjoyed every minute of it!

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The Kaslusky Family said...

looks like a "boatload of fun!" i will show my mom! she ADORES your nieces! (and your sister in law too!)

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