Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bits and Pieces

A few weeks ago I was reading a favorite blog of mine and she wrote about her childhood growing up with a parent in the military.  She talked about how her children would not know of that lifestyle, how they get to live on the same street for the duration of their childhood and that their friends would remain constant....none of the gaining and losing and gaining friendships.  As I read this post, I sobbed.  I'm not sure who I was crying for....for Brady, Lucy and baby Girl, for myself, for all of us?  I grew up in the same town, the same house and neighborhood (mostly).  My best friends I met in the 2nd grade and to this day, those girls are still some of my closest friends.  What am I doing to my children?  Making them move and change and make new friends frequently?  Will they ever have roots?  Will they ever have a constant?  A true north? 

I can't answer those question right now for I cannot predict the future but I know that it is my job as their Mama to make sure that I do my best to help them maintain friendships, flourish and thrive in this military make the most of it, to adapt, to cherish the memories, to relish in new experiences, new places.  I will do my best to find time to visit friends and family no matter where they are so that my littles will have roots...their roots will spread over a country but you know what, that won't matter.  They will still be strong roots.  We will experience the changes together and we will be a stronger family because of it. 

Strong roots.  Strong family.  Strong friendships.

Friendships like these.

A friendship like Brady and Grace's, even at this young age, cannot be forced.  It is something special, something that Sarah and I have always seen.  They love each other and I think they always will even as they grow. 

It doesn't matter where your friends are.  What matters is that you love them and that you are a better person for knowing them. 

We are made up of bits and pieces of all those that have touched our life.  And in the military, we just happen to be made up of more bits and pieces than most.

Bits and pieces that will make our heart's stronger.  Bits and pieces that I am eternally grateful for.
"Pray that you accept the bits and pieces in humility and wonder.  And never question. 
And never regret"


Traci said...
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Anonymous said...

That was absolutely beautiful. The pictures of Brady and Grace are absolutely precious. You can see the love they have for each other in the pictures.
Hope everything is going great with you.

Sally said...

How great that these two are still such awesome friends. Love that they got to get together!

Nikole said...

Well said! I know I'm better for knowing you, Brady and Lucy. All our love!

Sarah said...

Oh Jenny, thanks for this post! It's got me in tears, I LOVE all the pictures and the words especially :) I'll join you this mission to keep those together!!
Thanks for the great visit, I've got some really cute pics to add (toes on nose ;) when I get home!

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