Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DC Cupcakes

Have you seen it?  Fun reality food-themed TV show and you too can experience the craze like my sister, Mike, kiddos and I did! 

Here's the storefront

And here, my friends, is the line.....

A 90 minute line!

We studied our menu when we weren't using it as a fan.  It seemed to be 120 degrees outside.

Lucy slept (smart)

Finally after the cupcake bouncer let us in the door, this is what awaited!

And perhaps, the best part of the afternoon, we met these gals!  Katherine (brown hair) and Sophie (blonde), the owners of the store/stars of the show!  And FYI, it was kind of bizarre, but very kind, THEY approached us and asked if we would like a picture with them.  Brady and Lucy of course don't care, Brady just kept asking where his cupcakes were!

Here they are!  6 cupcakes for $16.50, thank you very much.

They were delightful and delicious though!

Lucy preferred smashing her face into the cupcake!

So I guess that means that overall, it was a smashing success!


Donna said...

A 90 minute line with little ones?? You are a braaaavvvveeee woman!!! :)
Looks like serious fun though!!! Next time we watch that show, we'll think of you!

Sally said...

Wow, what an adventure! And, oh, how I miss DC. I loved wandering Georgetown when I was in many fun memories there!

Erin said...

Those look yummy--what kind did you pick? You guys are so lucky to have all those neat things to do so close by.

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