Monday, August 9, 2010


This post is mostly for my photography friend Donna , (who's son is in his first year at the Academy) and for the Mom's of the three Plebe's we are sponsoring!
Every time we are at The Yard, I usually have my camera because you just never know when you are going to see something unique or encounter a beautiful spot to take a picture.  The Naval Academy is just that beautiful.

Since the Plebe's (Freshman) arrived at The Academy I have tried to snap a few pictures of them here and there with my friend Donna's son in mind.  My guess is that the chances of him being in any of these pictures are slim since there are 30 platoons of Plebes adding up to 1200 all together but I thought it might be a nice glimpse of what they've been up to....

This isn't the best picture, but they are doing some kind of PT workout, I took this with our little camera while Mike was driving a speed boat, we were boating on the bay.
And here they are, our three "Plebes", if they'll continue to let me, you might see their faces around this blog a bit more as we spend Saturday's with them at our house and around town.  We are excited to get to know them and open our home to them.

Here's Tom from a small town North of Orlando!
Nick from outside of Pittsburgh!
And Matt from Philadelphia! 
And here they are listening to Lucy babble at them about something!
Congratulations to all of these kids, they are almost done with "Plebe Summer", just a few more weeks!!

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Donna said...

Awww Jenny - you are too sweet!!! I'm sure the parents of your plebes will appreciate this post as much as I do!!!
With the lack of communication over the last 6 weeks, I have spent a lot (ok, too much!) time scanning facebook, the "official" photography site and dropshots for my "waldo" - and I find that I love looking at the faces of these amazing young men and women, whether they belong to me or not!!
Thanks so much!!!

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