Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week in review

Wow, it's been one week since I have posted anything! The last week was one of the busiest weeks we've had all summer long. Since Mike's deployment has been cancelled, our calendar is filling up with all kinds of fun things like weddings we thought we couldn't go to, Penn State football games, birthday parties and festivals, not to mention all the exciting activities that will go along with Brady going to preschool (he starts on Tuesday!) Here are some pictures from some of the things that have been keeping us busy. What's keeping you busy these days? (warning: lots of pictures below!)

Swimming at the Kettering Rec Center

This is the life!

We went to
Carriage Hill Metro Park with our friends, Jen, Katie and Daniel. What a gorgeous place. We can't wait to go back!

Saturday was a busy day. I donated blood in the morning for the Light the Night walk on October 1st that I am participating in. Then we went to the 2nd Street Public Market (part of the MetroPark system here) in downtown Dayton, and then to another Metro Park, Riverscape, to take a paddle boat ride. Brady also wanted to play in the fountains which I was not prepared for so he ran through in his shorts and then used Mike's tshirt as a "towel"

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon and evening celebrating our sweet friend Brianna Allard's 7th Birthday, Mike and I have been to all of Brianna's birthday's since she was 2 years old. She means the world to us. Lots of laughter and yummy food! Thank you Mark and Gisela for hosting all of us for dinner, our military "family".
And just a few cute shots of Mia Allard
Another busy weekend ahead with a wedding, a birthday party and my parents and sister arriving! And then, the big day, Brady's first day of preschool. Stay tuned! Happy LOOOONG WEEKEND!

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