Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: The Catch Up Edition

1. Does anyone have a caption for this photograph? It cracks me up every time I look at it. 2. Labor Day weekend was a busy one for us. Two of Brady's three best buddies that he has been playing with since he was 9 months old have moved away. EJ moved to Illinois in May but he was back for Labor Day weekend and Hannah moved this past Thursday to Washington D.C. We were able to play with them one last time at our house. They just had a little bit of fun :) Oh how we miss you both. Hannah, we will look forward to running around the DC/Annapolis/Baltimore region though in a few months. Watch out Metro, here we come!

3. This little one went and turned 9 months old. Who let her do that?

5. My parents and sister were here for Labor Day weekend and I just now went through the pictures. As always, we loved having them here, Brady especially. He counts the "sleeps" 'til MeMa and Pop come and then asks them "why are you only staying for 3 days, how 'bout you stay for 8 days" Thank you to my Mom, Dad and Laura for being so easygoing and laid back about the weekend, it turned out to be kind of busy and they were all so helpful. My sister even survived a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese because Mike and I had a wedding to go to so we couldn't take Brady. Laura took him on behalf of us and as I understand it, they played a lot of Skee Ball!

6. Brady survived his 3rd day of preschool today. He was very proud to show me that he earned a stamp for good behavior. We'll look forward to day 4 and hope that the "goodbyes" continue to improve! Today his letter of the day was "R" and he told Ms. Kim that "R is in his name B-R-A-D-Y"
7. The weather has been absolutely incredible here in Dayton for the past, oh 10 days, or so. I absolutely love this time of year in this part of the country.
8. I am walking in the Light the Night walk on October 1st. The Light the Night walk supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Would you consider making a donation? Click here.
9. Mike and I are road tripping to our happiest place on earth, State College, this weekend. Will you be there? Let us know! GO STATE!
10. More pictures to come of an outing I had just with Brady on Saturday and our adventure picking berries yesterday. Happy Tuesday, friends.


Catherine said...

Oh you have the best post and do the most fun things!! work is for the birds!!

we will be there this weekend (bring your rain gear!) -- and we have a reserved parking spot VERY close to the stadium! hope to see you before the game! we will be out fast after the game!!!

:-) Catherine

Lori said...

Me Ma's caption would read "Here Lucy, let me help you move over there."

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