Saturday, September 26, 2009


Pittsburgh of course is known for being the City of Champions, for decades the Pirates, Penguins and Steelers all have had their glory days as World Champions. I was lucky enough to attend Pirates, Penguins and Steelers games every year growing up thanks to my Dad who would take my sister and I any chance he got. We never though, go to experience Pittsburgh's Forbes Field, home to the Pirates from 1909-1970.

I grew up seeing the picture at the top of this post in many of my McCarthy relatives homes (we now have one hanging in our home). For in this famous picture that graced the cover of Life Magazine is my Uncle Jack, standing a top the Cathedral of Learning on the campus of The Universit of Pittsburgh. He is the back of the picture with his right arm in a fist in the air, holding the radio in his left hand. It was at this moment that Bill Mazeroski hit the game winning walk off homerun to WIN the 1960 World Series.

When Forbes Field was demolished, a few "parts" of the ballpark were preserved, including part of the outfield wall and the flagpole (that was "in play" for you baseball fans). Also, homeplate is preserved under glass in one of the University of Pittsburgh's academic buildings, in the same exact place it was in Forbes Field.

Since Brady was a little one, I have taken him to the "wall" to snap a picture of him next to the "457 ft" marker. This year Lucy tagged along too of course. I know that Mike, my Dad and my father-in-law love these pictures. Even gives this somewhat of a girly girl goosebumps thinking about the greats that stood once played in the outfield of what was an incredible ballpark.

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