Friday, September 11, 2009


If you've been reading this little blog of mine for awhile you might remember this post.
And tonight, we returned to that same sunflower field and took it all in. The beauty. The quiet. The sound of the crickets. The sunset. The thousands and thousands of sunflowers surrounding us in simple elegance. A undescribable gift from God.

Brady cried when we left, he just loved being there. I think that means we have to go back. Twist my arm....Mike, I think we need to plan all of our trips back to Dayton around the blooming of this field. I'm serious. I have about 90 other pictures to share but this will have to do for now. It's time for sleep, I'll be dreaming of sunflowers and my precious little family.


Nikole said...

Jenny is this up by Young's on 68? We will have to get up there! I have pictures in the field every year since the kids were born! I love it!!
The pictures are great!! LOVE 'EM

Jenny said...

Yes it's the field up by Young's!! And you must go again and get some amazing pics of your cute kiddos! Talk with you soon Nikole!

Erin said...

Beautiful picture Jenny. I wish we would have had time to stop by there last weekend.

Sarah said...


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