Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: Grandparents' Day

1. This past Friday, Brady had a special session of preschool that was just for Grandparents! This lucky boy got to take Mema, Pop, Grandma and Grandpa to school.

2. Mema, Pop, Lu and Brady before they left for school.
3. The school boy with Mema and Pop.

4. The rest of the pictures are courtesty of my Mom! The chalkboard in his classroom.

5. Grandma and Grandpa in front of his locker.

6. Grandma and Brady before the prayer.

7. Mema, Pop and B in front of his locker.
8. Grandma and Grandpa working on the art project together.
9. Pop and Brady working on a puzzle.

10. The grandparents helping Brady with a puzzle, minus Mema who is behind the camera :)
Brady and Lucy are so blessed to have these amazing Grandparents who are so involved in their lives. Thank you to all of you for all you do. We are so lucky. Love you all and thank you for making Brady's day.

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The Batts said...

looks like so much fun!!!

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