Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The first, first day of school

Now that Brady is 3 1/2 there aren't many "firsts" that occur anymore. But yesterday was a big first in my first born's life, his first day of school.

His first day only lasted for one hour because, go figure, there was a 2 hour delay because of FOG. We were so disappointed that this happened of course on his very first day. Normally preschool would be cancelled on a 2 hour delay day but since it was the very first day the teacher had them come in for one hour.

In that hour, they did their opening rug time where they find their letter of the day, Brady's was the letter "E" yesterday, they say the Pledge of Allegiance and they say a prayer. Then they did stations, they could chose from coloring, playdough, manipulatives or kitchen. Brady did some playdough time and manipulative time for that's where the blocks and trucks were! Then the parents did a craft with the children and then just like that, our hour was up!
Tomorrow will be the true test for my little Brady. Tomorrow I do not get to stay with him like I did yesterday. Tomorrow we will say our goodbyes in the "hello, goodbye square" and he will be a big boy and walk into the amazing world that is school.

You're gonna love it Brady Bear and I'm going to miss you while you are gone. Listen to Ms. Kim and Ms. Theresa and be a good friend. And if you miss me while you're there know that you can always go look at our picture hanging on the apple tree.
I love you sweet boy, to the moon and back.


Erin said...

Is it always your goal to make me cry while reading your posts? Just kidding, that was so very sweet. I know he will do great and have so much fun--and if my day yesterday is anything like your's the few hours go SO quick that you won't even have time to miss the little guy (at least not too bad!)

Sarah said...

Why must you go and make me cry Jenny???!!!

Carrie said...

How did he do on the second day? Have you guys read "The Kissing Hand"? It is great for kids going off to school!

Jenny said...

The second day of school got off to a bad start (crying, shaking, sobbing, etc. from the Brady Bear) His teacher said he cried quietly for about 15 mins. but then was fine once they started centers. We've been reading The Kissing Hand all summer long and talking about it. The craft we did with the kids on Tuesday at school went along with The Kissing Hand....I'm not sure he thinks that it "works" LOL Thanks for asking Carrie :)

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