Saturday, November 29, 2008

Three is the new two

These kiddos are turning THREE in the next few months! Where does the time go?

Brady, EJ and Katie, all turning three in the next two months.

The birthday party circuit started today, at Chuck E Cheese, for handsome EJ.

Mike and Brady coming down the slide

Three pregnant Mommy's. Erin (21 weeks along), Jen (31ish weeks along with a boy) and me (39 weeks)

Katie playing air hockey

Happy Birthday to our friend EJ, you silly little 3 year old.


Erin said...

That last picture of EJ is the best. Definitely shows his true personality--all goofball! Glad you guys had a good time. We appreciate you all sharing the day with us.

The Batts said...

you look so great!! i can't believe you are only 39 weeks!!

Carrie said...

You look absolutley fantastic for 39 weeks. I always looked like the side of a house somewhere around 25 weeks... ha! Simply beautiful!

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