Thursday, November 13, 2008

Puppies and turkey's

Good morning! Below are some pictures from the past few days...quick wrap up, we took Brady to Build-A-Bear on Tuesday when Mike had the day off. He seemed to LOVE the experience and be really into the puppy dog he picked and named (her name is Kenzy). Well since we purchased Kenzy, he has not touched her. In fact, he told Mike to take her back to the store and he won't let her leave her "cage" (i.e. the Build-a-Bear box). We probably should have followed our own advice which is avoid stuffed animals at all costs but we gave in to the lure of the adorable bears and experience Build-A-Bear offers. Never again though :)

Brady has been attending an art class for the last 4 weeks. We have one class left. He really enjoys it and come January I think we will take another one. Yesterday he made a turkey. The funny thing about this class though, I'd say 90% of the parents end up doing the project for their child. So everyone is showing their turkey's yesterday and they are these perfect looking turkey's with the feathers in just the right place. Well what's the point if you are going to do the project for your kiddo? Brady's is 100% genuinely his. Here are some images from yesterday's class.


Erin said...

Brady's turkey looks great. I am bummed we missed that one. At least we will get to attend the last class next week. Did she say we are making an ornament? That would be great! I am ready to decorate for the holidays too, but first have to get this house put back together. Yikes!

Lori said...

Me Ma loves Brady's turkey! Can't wait to see him.

Regarding the "puppy" ... say no to stuffed animals ... I still have them hiding out in closets ... no matter how many you give away they somehow keep coming in and when your children are 29 & 23 they are still living in your closets for some reason. Say no, no, no to stuffed creatures - oh and then there are the 150+ beanie babies! Oh my ... :-)

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