Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coffee Time

So the story goes, my Grandmother (Lucille May, hence our soon to be Lucy May), would call my Mom and Aunts inside in the evening from playing for a cup of coffee. She would stand on the porch and yell "Coffee Time". My sister and I always loved hearing about "Coffee Time" and it always made us laugh thinking about little kids drinking coffee. My Mom and Dad both drink coffee in the morning and sometimes a cup of decaf in the evening. Brady has always been fascinated with the making of the coffee at MeMa's. To the point where it is obsessive. The minute he sees my Mom he asks to make coffee. He scoops the coffee into the filter, pours the water in and then sits and waits for it to brew. Then he helps put the "milkie" (half and half) and the sugar into the cups so he can then stir it up. Well somewhere along the line he started asking to taste the coffee, well then it turned into a few sips....then into half a cup and now this.

Don't worry, this only happens once in a blue moon. The best part of this trip to Starbucks was Brady walking up to the counter and ordering the coffee himself. He said "Hello, can I have a cup of coffee please". The lady looked at me and laughed and I said, "oh no, he's serious" and she said "really?" So he got a small cup of decaf and everyone was happy.

So next time in your town and you are looking for the best cup of coffee around, ask Brady to brew you a pot, you won't be disappointed. Just ask MeMa or Pop or his Auntie Laura (Mike's sister), they'll tell you.


Sarah said...

Oh Jenny, he looks so adorably cute and grown up and handsome all at the same time (big sigh) He's growing up too fast! As I sit here drinking my own coffee, I can only shake my head and say he's got good taste!

The Zaisers said...

What a neat tradition and post to share!

Carrie said...

He is a boy after my own heart! Maybe he can teach my kiddos the way with coffee someday.

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