Monday, November 10, 2008


The peanut gallery has been reminding me that I have not "blogged" in a week now. I'm aware but I just don't have anything to blog about....possible topics...

1. Me being an emotional wreck over having a second baby? No, that stirs up too many tears for me right now.

2. My exhaustion level? No, who wants to hear about that when I know we all are tired.

3. The fact that Brady is still awake at 10:03pm even though he's been in his room since 8:38pm?

4. The Penn State loss, the Steeler loss, the McCain/Palin loss? No, all of those make me grumpy.

See, I'm just out of topics right now! And I haven't taken any good pictures! Perhaps tomorrow will bring new inspiration and a lighter, brighter mood for this emotional Mommy!
Goodnight friends.

Brady, January 27th, 2006


Nikole said...

Oh my dear... I'm sending my strength, love and support your way... (that I can spare.. :))
Don't worry, Brady's going to love little Lucy and be a big help!
Hmmmmm... I think... "think positive" is what they say!
Hang in there!!

Carrie said...

Hang in there! There is nothing worse than the end of pregnancy. It soon will be over and you can move on to the next stage of exhaustion...

Happy thoughts your way!

The Zaisers said...

I hope you had a better day today. It is exciting to think that your little girl will be here soon. And it will be so neat to see Brady interact with his little sister. How cute is it to say "little sister".

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