Friday, November 21, 2008

Cruel, I know

Tonight we are getting out "the big tree" and thus begins the major Christmas decorating around here. I came across this movie from New Year's Day (of this year) when we were taking the tree down. I know, I know, I shouldn't laugh at this movie but what it shows me is that maybe even before he was two I think Brady realized how wonderful and magical Christmas really is.


Sarah said...

Oh man, THAT was funny...well not funny that he was so sad, but looking back, a year later, to see him so attached to the Christmas tree! He's soo your kid Jenny. The way he was holding on to it for dear life, what a riot.

Catherine said...

Oh i love it!!! that is what i do when i take down all the trees!!! cry and shout! actually, i am sooo exitied, i have already put up two of them so far!!!

Laura said...

HAHAHAH I am definitely LOLing right now. Poor guy.

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