Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today, this one is 11 months old.

I've been dreading this day since she turned 10 months old. 10 months I can handle. 11 months. No, not so much. 11 months. 1 month away from a year. Oh they grow too fast.

Lucy May when you smile, my heart, well, it grows and swells. 11 months old looks good on you my sweet darling.


The Batts said...

crazy!!! i can't believe how fast that happened

Sarah said...

Jenny you NEED to enter these photos in a she is downright breathtaking and two the photos themselves, the lighting, the colors, they're awesome!!

The Kaslusky Family said...

happy day lucy may!! you have the worlds best mama taking care of you and taking gorgeous pictures! the rest of us should just stop taking pictures! hehe!! hope your 11 month birthday is a fabulous and cute as you are! ;-) ps- joseph just asked me if he can marry lucy may! (just kidding!)

Lori said...

I'm thinking she looks just like me ... :-)

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