Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lifelong learner

In a quest to learn something new and keep my mind working (because sometimes this stay-at-home Mom gig turns my mind to mush), I enrolled in an online photography class. Class started last Wednesday. I turned in my first homework assignment last night and boy, was it a challenge. In a good way. I might be in way over my head, I'm not sure yet, lots of the people in my class are seasoned a bit in photography and I am definitely an amateur. Knowing that, I cringed as I posted my pictures because out of the 5 pictures I had to post, I was *happy* with only 1. The other 4 - UGH! I am anxious to get feedback on them so I can improve. Below is the 1 picture that I really liked. I was trying to show a shallow depth of field in this shot. So my camera was set to a low aperture (1.8) and a low ISO. See the blur in the background, that's called bokeh (which in theory means I achieved the goal of that part of the homework which was to show shallow depth)! Over the next 6 weeks you will probably see a lot of my successes and failures as I learn how to truly operate my camera and continue on the path of a lifelong learner!


Rohe Family said...

OMGosh!!! LOVE IT! Please keep posting your progress!

Donna said...

Hey Jenny!
This is a great shot and exactly what you were supposed to see!!
It was great to look around your site and see some of your other shots - you really have a great eye!!
One of the things I love about photography is that there is always something to learn - so it's never a completed process. It's going to be great taking the class with you and learning together!!

lindley said...

Hey! I'm in the photog class with you! I saw your comment and your blog (I also blog) so I checked it out! I will definitely be learning with you and am so excited about our class! Also---I saw your link on Penn State thon----did you go to PSU??? We are HUGE fans!!!! My dad and sis went there and my sis particpated in Thon as well!!!

Lori said...

Looks like your doing well with your new class and lens. Great picture!

Sarah said...

Love the colors (and the subject too of course ;)

Laura said...

Looks good to me. I'll give you an A-

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