Monday, November 23, 2009


the number of lights Mike had to replace to make our tree go from this

to this

The tree is top heavy this year because of this

And this is what my house looked like when we were decorating for Christmas. Please tell me that your house occasionally looks like this too?
Happy Monday!


Katie Fonash said...

My house looks like that even when I'm not decorating for Christmas! LOL

Rohe Family said...

You Should have seen mine about an hour ago. Wowza! I'm beginning to think that is how it works. In order to get something done, something else is getting undone!

The Kaslusky Family said...

oh jenny! that is nothing! we can't park in our garage because its the christmas staging area and because we are preoccupied with little J - it seems we can't get anything done - so our rooms look awful! no project finished!! oh well by sunday i am determined to have it all cleaned up ! ;-) LOVE YOUR TREE! oooh we think you should do a video tour of your chirstmas house and post it! we do one every year to send to all gordons family who are so far away !!! its sooo fun to share!

Sarah said...

Yeah it doesn't take Christmas decorating to make my house look like that either...I hope our lit tree doesn't lose lights like that someday! Love to see Lucy discovering the tree and the lights and the spirit of Christmas!

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