Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The International Space Station

Ok, that's a stretch for a title but maybe you'll understand after I post this picture

And then tell you that the reason Lucy has a bandaid on her forehead has to do with this
And her brother trying to land it on her head, hence my (clever) title.
Poor babe. It's not pretty under the bandaid. And sometimes it's not easy to have a big brother.


Greta said...

I understand the band-aids! Mine has one on his head right now.
Hey - I am your Tip Junkie Trade Secrets Partner. I hope you received your package. I've sent 2 emails to you, but they must have gotten lost.
Just checking in! Happy Thanksgiving!

Rohe Family said...

Poor Babe! give her time and she will be able to hold her own!

Sarah said...

Awww Lucy!! She's a tough cookie...how did Brady react to the whole thing?

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