Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Wow, it is cold here. Goodness. 8 degrees right now at 7:39am Spring can't come soon enough.

2. Which reminds me, we have to "spring ahead" this weekend. ALREADY?? And just what a mother of an infant wants to think about, losing an hour of sleep. Awesome.

3. We, meaning all of us, are going to Washington D.C. on Sunday. Mike has a conference that starts on Monday so we are going to jump in the mini and head to our nation's Capital. I think I might be crazy to go stay in a hotel with 2 kiddos for 5 days when it is technically still winter but we'll figure it out and make the best of it. Mike booked a room at Embassy Suites so we'll have two rooms, a small kitchen, and a nice pool. That alone will keep my little fishy happy. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can venture out to some of the museums and monuments with them. Any suggestions on what a 3 year old would like in D.C.?

4. Here are some more pictures from our trip to Pittsburgh, specifically pictures from The McCarthy Family reunion/Grandma's 91st Bday Celebration

Grandma McCarthy and Lucy May. She is 91!

My beautiful Mom
Eating a lemon
Laura and Lulu

5. And some pictures from a suprise 30th birthday party we went to for my friend Trey. Hard to believe we all are turning 30 this year. 30 doesn't bother me much, what bother's me is thinking about where the last 12 years of my life went. I remember every little thing about being a senior in high school and then freshman year at Penn State like it happened yesterday.

Dana and I
Liza, Dana and I.
L-R Todd, Trey, Dana, Dan and I

6. I love Pandora. Do you know about Pandora? You should check it out if you haven't already.

7. I must get out today sometime to buy New Moon. I can't stop thinking about what is going to happen!!

8. I haven't given anything up for Lent yet.

9. We have 10 friends having babies between now and September. 2009 is turning into the year of the baby. What a joyous, fantastic thing to celebrate. And 6 of these couples are having their first baby, little do they know they are joining the best club around.

10. And speaking of babies, both of mine are awake now so it's time for me to put the computer away


Erin said...

Hey Jenny,
When I was younger we went to a conference with my Dad in DC and also stayed at the Embassy Suites. My guess is there is more than one ES in the DC area, but this one had a fabulous cook to order breakfast each day. Fresh pancakes, omlettes, french toast, any kind of eggs, etc. We were all older, grade school age, at the time of the trip but I think Brady would still like most of the Museums. National Air and Space or any of the Smithsonians(I think they have an airplane museum there). Have so much fun!

The Kaslusky Family said...

Jenny! I too LOVE pandora! i have two bracelettes. one is just Penn State Pandora, and the other is all things catherine.... there is a special bead I am anxious to buy real soon! i love them and am addicted!

welcome home to the cold!!! have a blast in D.C!

Sarah said...

Ugh, I was wondering when that 'spring ahead' crap was going to happen ;) Well seems like you all and the east coast have gotten a good snow/cold snap out of the way so maybe it'll be warmer and dry? We'll hope!

The Kaslusky Family said...

ok so i am totally dumb! I thought you meant Pandora Jewelery! you should check it out! (we like pandora radio too!)

The Zaisers said...

We can't wait for the time change especially when it warms up outside. Now there will be more time to train for the races we plan to do. :) Your grandma looks great. She doesn't at all look like she is 91.

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