Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Lucy has started taking to her "Alkie" (what we call a blankie around here). Well actually Mama has forced her to start taking to her "alkie" because well I think every child needs some kind of lovey item. Brady has several but the "alkie's" are the go to lovey of choice. Alkie makes everything better and I hope alkie will make everything better for little Lulu. And I guess she can call it something else if she wants....

"Alkie" is in the right hand corner of this picture, she likes it close to her face, just like her big brother.

Where's Lulu?

I like to hold it, switch it from one hand to the other and suck my fingers.

And my Brady Bear at just over 10 months old, showing us his "alkies" that of course still accompany us everywhere we go.

Early December 2006


Sarah said...

Aww, look how round and chubby and cute he is!!

Sally said...

Jenny, Ava loves her lovey too. Aren't they super? We learned from Grace's bunny that it's good to have more than one. Something that addictive has to be available at all times! Lucy and Brady's look so soft! Can't blame them for loving them.

On another note, saw you commented on Ava's new diapers. Gotta say, lady, you'll love 'em. I'll bet Sarah will vouch for them too. So soft and so absorbent! I've loved cloth diapering with the ones I made, but BumGenius takes it to a whole other level. :-)

Lori said...

MeMa had an "alkie" she called "Papoo" Jenny probably didn't know that! Brady will like to laugh at that word!

Carrie said...

We have lots of those around here too! AJ affectionaly calles his his "nee's". Not sure where the name came from but as long as we all know what it means, that is all that matters. I love Lucy's and Brady's! Did you make them?

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