Friday, March 27, 2009

A letter

Dear Lucy,

It has been brought to my attention at least once a night, if not two or three times, that you are still not sleeping through the night. Complaints are starting to roll in from members of the household. I've assured them that I would speak with you about this and that I was sure you would do your best to give it a go and change your ways.

Just because you are perhaps the sweetest little one I've ever met does not mean that I want to continue to wake up with you every single night. Yes, you are so cuddly, soft and warm and yes your eyes make my heart melt (see attached) but I can appreciate these things in the daytime just as much as in the nighttime. I will give you credit though for deciding to sleep in your crib instead of in bed with me.

Your big brother decided he could sleep through the night one day shy of his 4 month birthday. I will never forget that night, it was May 24th, 2006 in case you wanted to know. You can see how important that day was to me as I have not forgotten when it happened. So, on that note, I'm giving you a deadline, April 4th, 2009. You will be one day shy of 4 months old on this day. If Brady can do it, I'm sure you can too.

Please take these thoughts into your consideration. I appreciate you wanting to spend time with me but trust me little Lulu, I will be a much better Mama to you during the day if I can have my rest at night.

Sincerely (with lots of love and affection),

The Management

P.S. And Lulu, just so you know, I will really miss you at night when you decide you can do it. More than I care to admit.



Lori said...

Dear Lucy,

Mema never has a problem getting up with you at night. You've been her night time friend many a time. You are soft, and warm and cuddly anytime of the day but at night time when it's so very quiet in the house and peaceful - it's especially wonderful!

If you can't make that April 4th deadline ... never fear, Mema will be there the next week and will tend to your night time beckoning.

Love your night time friend,

The Zaisers said...

This is one of the sweetest things I have read.

Sarah said...

Ok, between what The Management wrote and what Mema wrote, I'm beside myself! So cute! Well should she still be waking up end of April when we're there, I call dibs! :)

Erin said...

That is so cute. I hope she makes her deadline for your sake. Perhaps tonight will be the night now that she has been served notice :)

Laura said...

Love the picture. It's my desktop background at work.

Lori said...

So Lucy, how'd that deadline go?

Pay no attention to Mama ... you get up through the night however long your tummy needs you to.

Love, Mema

Jenny said...

She did not meet the deadline but we'll keep her anyways.

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