Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Crazy Mama, a 3 year old and a 3 month old go to DC

Hi there! It's been awhile! We were on an adventure in Washington DC for a week! Packed the kiddos up in the mini and off we went.

Lucy was an ANGEL in the car. Of course. And as always she was sucking on her fingers.

Brady's self portrait while riding in the car.

We were staying at an Embassy Suites in downtown DC. It had several things that made my week there so easy: a housekeeper, a swimming pool, an elevator, waterfalls, koi fish that the kids could feed twice a day at 9am and 6pm, an amazing breakfast (free) and free drink and appetizers for two hours in the evening.

Swimming with Dada

Riding the day we rode it up and down for 45 mins.

On Monday the weather was gorgeous! Mike's meeting started at 12noon so he rode the Metro with us to the Captial Building. And then I was own my own! So we headed to the Air and Space Museum which of course any little boy would love.

Then we ran around on the Mall lawn and rode the Carousel.
The picture above and below were taken by me so this is the best I could do!

Well that's it for now due to technical difficulties I'm experiencing with Blogger! And this wasn't even the end of Day 1! Oh well. More to come when my patience returns.

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