Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is Baby Mckenna here?

That's what Brady said when he was suppossed to be taking a nap but heard his cousin arrive. Of course the nap went out the window and we spent the rest of the day enjoying sweet little Mckenna Jane.

It was OK for Mckenna to sit next to Brady but he would not let her sit on Big Blue Blankie - LOL

Mike got out "Big Blue Ball" to bounce Mckenna on - put her right to sleep.
We spent a lot of time bouncing on that ball when Brady was a little one.

Brady had art class yesterday and at the end they got to play with the parachute. It triggered his memory that we have a parachute at home so of course last night we had to spend some time outside playing with it!


Erin said...

Baby Mckenna will be good practice for when Lucy arrives in a few weeks. Seems like Brady really likes playing with his cousin and will have even more fun with his little sister.

Gunn-Russell Family said...

Looks like a wonderful family and congrats on your little one coming. I just came across your blog. I am a mother of two as well and I am from Jersey.

Sarah said...

Oh she is a doll! I think he's secretly saving all of his love and affection for Lucy ;)

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