Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Big, Big Steam Train....

....we heard these words used in various sentences for the days leading up to our ride on the steam train in Knoxville, TN. Brady loved every moment of his adventure. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous weather and lots of steam, soot and train whistles to please any two year old boy.

Here is the "big big steam train"

We chose to sit on the open air gondola, it was a gorgeous day.

Our little fam on the train

This pic just makes me smile


Carrie said...

You guys take such great pictures! I love the one of all of you - so cute! And AJ is really jealous of Brady getting to ride on that train - trains are big around here too! Sounds like fun!

Sarah said...

Well you can just look at your faces to see what a great time you had :) More amazing memories for B!

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