Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Of course today is one of the hottest days this summer here in Dayton, OH and the pools are closed now! And wouldn't you know, I ask Brady what he wants to do today and he says, "Go to the pool". Although we couldn't go to the pool, this was a close second.

At the fountain at The Greene and eating an icee after playing hard in that fountain!

2. So last week I wrote about how I was concerned about the speeding on our street and how I had contacted the police. All last week they were very diligent about patrolling our street and this morning the police put this up a few doors down from us! Makes me happy. I guess it never hurts to ask (complain).

3. I found a photographer to take some pictures of Brady and I am thrilled. We have a session on October 9th at Cox Arboretum, one of my most favorite places here in Dayton. Her name is Nicole Kessel, check out her website and blog

4. My sister and I are going to see Wicked this weekend in Pittsburgh. Again! This will be the third time we're seeing it. We just like it a little bit.

5. I am so excited for NFL football to start! Yes I love watching any and all NFL games. I could sit and watch it all day long. This makes Mike happy but not so much Brady. GO STEELERS!!

6. Is it time for Grey's Anatomy yet?

7. We're just about settled in this house! We have a few more pictures to hang and I would like to decorate the playroom but haven't felt "inspired" yet. Right now it's just a blank slate with a bunch of toys in it!

8. Today we went to Books and Co. and we walked out with a few books and two "bugs". One for Brady and one for his buddy Sam who lives in Florida. Well Brady insisted that he nap with them, you can see them below in this picture I snapped while he was napping. Look at that cute bottom with those Lightning McQueen underwear.

9. While at Gap yesterday buying some maternity clothes (ugh, I hate maternity clothes but I finally really need them), the nice sales girl taught me a "trick". If you look at things on the sale rack and see a date on the label (for instance 8/15/08), if it is 15 days past the date written on the tag, take half off of the sales price. So I went up to the register expecing to pay $22. for a pair of pants I found on the sales rack and I was completely happy with that price since it was Gap after all. I ended up paying $11 for them! Fantastic!

10. It's already Tuesday! I wish every weekend was a 4 day weekend! Have a good week.

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Carrie said...

I am so happy for you that you got some police attention to the speeding on your road. I think I might have to call the police department and ask (complain) about our speeders right by the school. You have inspired me!

I am also so happy that you found a photographer. Cox is such a beuatiful place and I know will produce some gorgeous pics. You better get her to take some maternity ones as well!!!

And I am right there with you on Grey's Anatomy - when does it start? I am in withdrawal!

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