Monday, September 29, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday...and some other things!

Monday again, where do the days go?
1. Here is our muffin tin for the week! The theme is shapes! I had a harder time with this one than I thought! You should have seen my attempt at Brady's favorite shape, an octagon...let's just say it ended up looking like a blob. That shape didn't make the cut. Check out Sycamore Stirrings for more great shape ideas!

Circles - rigatoni noodles cut into smaller pieces, stars - cucumbers, triangles - strawberries
squares - Cheese Nips, hearts - turkey, rectangles - cheese

2. Mike updated our big family website for those of you that check it. It's been a long time!

3. In an effort to stay home more and drive less, Brady and I have been crafting a lot to keep busy. Here are some pictures from our latest projects! I've found lots of great websites and blogs with crafts for children, let me know if you have a favorite activity site or blog for kids (toddlers especially)!

We decoupaged different color tissue paper to pumpkins, this craft was featured in
Family Fun Magazine last year.

Finished product


Finished product!

Have a wonderful start to your week!


Dee Light said...

I love your shapes!! And what cool crafting.

Laura said...

One of those pumpkins is sitting on my desk here at work!

Carrie said...

Everything looks like so much fun! I wish I could be that creative (and patient) with these guys more often.

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