Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Flashback

Do you have a million and one pictures in photo storage boxes that you don't know what to do with? Yeah I do. I have been going through some of these boxes and oh the memories. Lots of laughter and tears as I look back! So I think each Friday I'll post a few pics from long long ago. Or in today's case, not so long ago...well it's all relative.

All dressed up for the PSU Dance Marathon Kickoff Dinner in February of 2001
These friends were my heart and soul, many of us are still in touch today, many of us aren't.
Love you all dearly MC's.
from front to back, left to right
Brian, Nick, Chris, Dan
Aimee, Maya, Ali, Jenna, Erica, KC
Adam, me, Adam, Terri, Holly, Brooke, Anne

Just hanging out with Joe Pa, yeah, you know the living football legend of a coach.
Oh and the Nittany Lion....I believe this was Mike's last official event as the Lion.
April 2003

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Catherine said...

I love this pic of you mike and joepa! i love sorting through my old photos and remembering the "easier" days! hehe! what good times..... but the memories aren't as clear anymore-- which is so sad! why are we nearing a big birthday? It doesn't seem like we should! love dropping in on your corner of the www!!!
love you guys!!

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