Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's time to start blogging again....

I stopped by my own blog the other day and was looking at pictures and videos from 2010 when Macy was just a teeny tiny one and Lucy was a 1 year old and Brady was a 4 year old.  It tugged at my heartstrings so I'm back!

Macy had a birthday!  Four years young!  Here is her day in pictures.

The Birthday Donut


Special gifts from our friends The DeSisto's

 A great visit from Rosie before her school day.  She came with a fantastic Frozen gift for Macy.  We sent her home with a birthday donut!

We spent the morning at Trump National exploring and playing with our buddy Jack.

 This is Macy the girl and Macy the dog.  Macy the dog "works" at Trump and we love spending time with her.  She's a Border Collie like Coaly so we love her a little bit more.

Showing off her new Frozen outfit.

Lunch with Dada at a favorite pizza restaurant near his work.

A visit from two favorite big girl friends.

A day full of the things that make her happy - Friends, family and being outside.  Surrounded by love on a beautiful Southern California day.  It was a perfect 4 year old day.   

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