Thursday, October 9, 2014

Frozen Meet and Greet

Disneyland finally jumped on the fast pass train for meeting Anna and Elsa.  We have met them two times prior to this past Monday but of course that involved me waiting in a very long line while Mike took the kids around.  And we didn't have our autograph books either time!  The important things!  So this Monday we had it all together!  Autograph books, dressed like Frozen and my camera was cooperating! 
(scroll down if you don't care about fast pass info!)

I had intentions of taking pictures of the Fastpass process for this Meet N Greet for those that were interested but I forgot!  But here's the scoop.  Arrive at Disneyland as close to opening as possible.  Head immediately to Fantasyland.  You will see two maroon colored umbrellas and a line will be forming.  Have all your Disneyland tickets/passes out and ready!  Everyone that wants to meet Anna and Elsa must be in the park already.  They do not need to be in line with you but they have to be in the park.  You hand your tickets/passes to a cast member, they scan them and then give you a fast pass ticket that has a time on it.  The window is only 20 minutes.  Our time was 12:40-1pm.  This was a Monday, we got in line for the Frozen tickets around 8:20am, the parked opened at 8am.  My understanding is the Fast Pass tickets are gone within one hour of park opening.  The whole fast pass process took maybe 10 minutes tops.  I imagine the line is a little longer if you are there right at 8am. 

When you return during your fast pass time, you still have to wait in line but it's only for a few minutes.  We waited 15 minutes.  Again, they ask you for your tickets/passes and the fast pass. 

Success!  Thanks to the fast passes I think we will stop in and visit the Frozen girls often.  They definitely make it worth it with lots of love and personal time with the kids. 

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