Monday, April 25, 2011

One Easter Sunday

after church at The Navaly Academy, that's the State Capitol in the background.

The Naval Academy is a stunning place...I think it shines best though in the spring.

This is as good as it gets! 

And really what can be said about this one!  Macy's face is just plain hilarious.

Should probably crop and edit this one...but no time...just glad to have it, even though no one is looking or eyes are closed, etc. Thanks Mom for taking it!

Waiting patiently for the Easter Egg hunt at The Naval Academy.

Lulu and her adorable friends, Addy and Marina.

We are no longer speaking to our mother for making us take this picture!  HA!
She tried to get us to take a picture with Navy's mascot but we walked away. 

Perhaps my new fav pic of Lulu.

Who knows what is going on in this picture but I love it.

I hope your day was as perfect as our's.


Erin said...

Looks like you all had a lovely day all around. Family, friends and even the weather cooperated! Love the girls dresses--so pretty!

Wendy said...

Everything is so beautiful. I think I'll come for Easter next year! Love, love the girls' dresses. Wish we could get all these crazy kids together.

Sarah said...

Oh Jenny, just magical!! Still cracking up about Macy's face, scrunched up like her big sister's but also identical to B's smile in that one pic!! Love their dresses and seriously love yours!! Where did you get it??

The Kaslusky Family said...

love the pic of macy and your dad.... :-)

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